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We’re excited to announce that 12 new members have joined the Student Experience Research Network.

The network is a community of researchers dedicated to advancing our understanding of students’ psychological experience of learning and school from an interdisciplinary perspective. This scholarly community is uniquely poised to study how students’ perceptions of themselves and their experiences are shaped by their identities and contexts, and how those perceptions matter for their academic motivation, behaviors, and outcomes.

As the Student Experience Research Network begins to grow, our aim is to expand the expertise in the network to continue to push the frontiers of the field and the kind of research questions we can take on.

During our expansion this year, we sought researchers with methodological expertise in quasi-experimental and qualitative approaches, culturally-responsive models, as well as subject matter expertise in postsecondary success, teacher beliefs and behaviors, curriculum and instruction, STEM, culture and identity, intersectionality, adolescent development, and neuroscience.

Each new scholar has demonstrated the capacity for interdisciplinary mindset research, a record of exceptional scholarship, and a commitment to research that benefits society.

The new members are listed below, along with their institution and area of study. Click on their names to view their full profiles or learn more about all of our 40 scholars here.

Sapna Cheryan, University of Washington, Psychology

Kalena E. Cortes, Texas A&M University, Economics

Adriana Galván, University of California, Los Angeles, Neuroscience

Eric Grodsky, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Sociology

Paul Hanselman, University of California, Irvine, Sociology

Yasmiyn Irizarry, University of Texas at Austin, Sociology

Tanner LeBaron Wallace, University of Pittsburgh, Psychology

Neil A. Lewis, Jr., Cornell University, Psychology

Jamaal Sharif Matthews, Montclair State University, Psychology

Jason Okonofua, University of California, Berkeley, Psychology

Lindsay C. Page, University of Pittsburgh, Economics

Stephanie Wormington, University of Virginia, Psychology

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