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Amazon is partnering with researchers, including David Paunesku & Carissa Romero from PERTS, Angela Duckworth, and Jo Boaler, to create an online resource center for changing the way we think about math. They want to do away with the all-to-common phrase “’I’m not good at math” and want others to join them on this mission by fostering a growth mindset in math. On their website they propose a 3-part pledge:

  • We will celebrate our mistakes as opportunities to grow
  • We will be confident & sharing our thinking
  • We will persevere through difficult practice

Amazon’s new website outlines the reasons why the way we think about math needs to change, from the prevalence of negative beliefs and stereotypes about math, to how the United States compares to other nations when it comes to math achievement. The website also provides resources for classrooms, districts, and families. These resources include lesson plans, videos, letters to stakeholders, and songs.

Currently, over 20,000 individuals have signed the pledge to join Amazon and its partners in promoting a more positive perspective on math ability. Head over to their website to join the movement and check out articles by our Scholars about how mindsets can affect math performance in the classroom and workplace.

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