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To the SERN community:

I am excited to share that Student Experience Research Network (SERN) has received a donation from philanthropist and writer MacKenzie Scott to support our work toward an education system in which every student’s experience of school sets them up to learn and thrive.

This gift is a reflection of the commitment of many individuals and organizations across research, practice, and policy who have come together over the past several years to build knowledge and community around this work. We are eager to use the investment to continue to support scientific knowledge-building and decision-making by education leaders to create a system that respects every student as a valued person and thinker.

Since 2015, SERN has enabled practically relevant and interdisciplinary scholarship through scholarly convenings, large collaborative studies, research portfolios, fellowships for early and midcareer scholars, and resources for researchers. We have gathered and synthesized research, elevated the stories and people behind research-based structural shifts that promote equity and inclusion, and supported funders and leading education intermediaries and influencers in making meaning of research insights.

Across our work, we remain grounded in the power of relationships to advance knowledge and spur change. The strategy that we adopted in 2020 crystallized our role as a connector: we connect people and ideas so that research on student experience informs practice and policy decisions and so that questions and insights from practice and policy stakeholders shape research.

We are humbled to be in the company of the other institutions and organizations MacKenzie Scott has supported who are working toward a more just and equitable education system. We take seriously the charge to use the resources provided to us by her and our other funders to catalyze progress toward this end.

Lisa Quay

Executive Director

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