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Organizational mindsets: The power of promoting growth mindset ideals in the business world

Jess Hennessey

Mindsets are held not only by individuals, but by organizations and groups as well. A study by Mindset Scholar Mary Murphy finds that implicit messages about ability conveyed by organizations can affect levels of engagement and trust in an organization.

Peering into the black box of comprehensive reforms through the lens of learning mindsets

Lisa Quay

Education journalist Paul Tough argues that learning mindsets offer a new way to think about why promising comprehensive education reforms work.

How learning mindsets figure into the top education journalism stories of 2016-17

Lisa Quay

Learning mindsets are central to several of the stories education journalists predicted will dominate the headlines in the 2016-17 school year.

Transforming teacher mindsets about discipline reduces student suspensions

Lisa Quay

A brief exercise for teachers that promotes an empathic mindset about student misbehavior decreases suspensions and enhances trust between students and teachers.