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Growth mindset doesn’t promise pupils the world

Carol Dweck

Carol Dweck explores how it can be dangerous to tell students they ‘can achieve anything’ and that they should be given the truth about their performance in order to find out what it will take to reach their goals.

Amazon releases new resource to promote growth mindset in math class

Jess Hennessey

Amazon is pledging to ban the phrase “I’m not good at math” and wants everyone to join the movement. Their new website provides resources to help educators and families promote growth mindset in their classrooms and homes.

New study provides additional evidence regarding teachers’ effect on ‘non-tested’ skills

Jess Hennessey

Blazar and Kraft find similar results to Mindset Scholar Ron Ferguson’s recent study of teacher effects on students’ ‘non-tested’ outcomes.

Sharing mindset research with education journalists: Recapping Carol Dweck’s talk at EWA conference

Lisa Quay

Scientists shared the latest research on learning mindsets and the contribution of mindsets to student outcomes with journalists at Education Writers Association’s November 2015 Motivation and Engagement conference (second post in a series).