Topic: Student Experience Research Network

Student Experience Research Network is hiring a Research Director

Lisa Quay

The Student Experience Research Network is seeking a Research Director, who will have responsibility for overseeing investments to advance the Network’s research and scientific leadership agenda.

New video on how schools can create environments that support learning mindsets

Jess Hennessey

Our new animated video explains how schools and educators can use strategies grounded in mindset science to improve student experiences and learning.

Giving parents new tools to help improve their children’s academic outcomes

Jess Hennessey

Research led by Mindset Scholar Mesmin Destin shows that small shifts in how parents talk to their kids and respond to their challenges can improve academic performance.

Increasing teachers’ sensitivity to student needs and use of instruction focused on higher order thinking eliminates racial gaps in discipline referrals

Jess Hennessey

New study finds a professional development program for teachers led to more equitable discipline practices and overall reduced suspension rates.