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It is well documented that women and racial and ethnic minorities are heavily underrepresented in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Tom Dee’s research is focused on understanding why this gap exists and identifying ways to promote greater equity in these crucial and fast-growing fields that provide abundant employment opportunities.

With those goals in mind, he recently contributed to a new report from Google that examines how unconscious bias in classrooms contributes to persistent gender, racial, and ethnic gaps in performance, opportunities, and engagement in computer science and other STEM fields.

The report discusses what unconscious bias looks like in schools and classrooms as well as strategies to reduce or eliminate effects of unconscious bias on students. Specifically, the report highlights teacher-facing interventions as a powerful way to reduce unconscious bias in classrooms. Interventions that engage teachers have the potential to improve classroom and school climate in ways that increase the efficacy of many educational interventions and inputs.

To learn more about the findings, see Tom’s post on The insidiousness of unconscious bias in schools from the Brookings Institution.

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