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From the time the National Study of Learning Mindsets was first conceived, a priority of the project has been to generate a comprehensive collection of data that can be used by researchers for years to come to generate insights about the interplay between environments and learning mindsets.


The initial findings from the National Study of Learning Mindsets (NSLM) published in Nature in 2019 are an exciting development in the field of mindset science. Moving ahead, a major priority of Student Experience Research Network (SERN) is to maintain the momentum and enable researchers to continue exploring how environments shape the mindsets students develop about learning and school.

SERN is excited for researchers to mine the rich individual and contextual data available in the NSLM data set to better understand the relationships between classroom and school environments and student outcomes.

The data from the NSLM will be made available to scientists who wish to analyze it in late 2019. Given the study’s rare design and comprehensive collection of student-, classroom-, and school-level measures, the data will be an invaluable resource for education research for years to come.

SERN scholars have been analyzing the data through our Mindsets and the Learning Environment Research Portfolio, and the members of our NSLM Early Career Fellowship are currently using the data as part of a collaborative year-long research network.

Additionally, the NSLM team will collect longitudinal data on the students who participated in the study to examine the longer-term effects of the program on academic and life outcomes and create a rich longitudinal data set that follows students through high school and beyond.

In the meantime, the online 9th grade growth mindset program used in the NSLM is freely available to all high schools in the U.S. and Canada from PERTS (the Project for Education Research that Scales) at Stanford University.

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