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The Student Experience Research Network has released five new videos that provide teachers, school leaders, policymakers, and other researchers with more information about the current direction of mindset science. Each video highlights a different member of the Network discussing their areas of expertise and current projects.

Below is an overview of each of the videos. Be sure to subscribe to the Student Experience Research Network YouTube channel to be the first to access our new content as it’s released.

Mesmin Destin discusses how his own educational experiences influenced his research on how contexts shape students’ perceptions about themselves. He also talks about the work he is doing with parents and communities to examine how they influence students’ motivation.

Mary Murphy talks about her research on mindsets in both educational and organizational settings. She discusses two current projects, the College Transition Collaborative and the Summer Training Institute, which are working with universities and practitioners to promote inclusive environments.

David Yeager discusses his work exploring the effectiveness of mindset programs at scale. He overviews the National Study of Learning Mindsets, the largest-ever randomized controlled trial of mindset interventions, and how this study will expand understanding on how school environments may influence student mindsets and academic achievement.

Camille Farrington describes how her experience as a teacher has affected her research and her focus on how school structures and practices influence students’ mindsets and academic outcomes. She also shares the work she is doing on the Building Equitable Learning Environments Network (BEL-E) to apply the science of learning and development to students who are currently underserved.

Ron Ferguson discusses his work developing surveys to measure how teacher practices influence students’ mindsets. He also talks about Boston Basics, a project that provides resources for parents of young children to promote educational practices and growth mindsets towards learning.


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