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Since the Student Experience Research Network was launched in 2015, interest in the great work of the 28 researchers involved has grown steadily. To satisfy the curiosity of teachers, school leaders, policymakers, and other researchers, we have partnered with the scholars to develop a wide variety of materials about the work that is happening to advance understand of learning mindsets, from research briefs to backgrounders, FAQs and blog posts.

But we know everyone’s time is limited, so today we are excited to share a short new video that outlines the work that the Student Experience Research Network is doing to advance scientific and public understanding of learning mindsets.

The video discusses the field’s evolution, describes how learning mindsets affect student outcomes, and describes the role the network plays to expand and publicize new interdisciplinary research on how learning environments shape the mindsets students develop.

Scholars featured in the video include Ron Ferguson, David Yeager, Carol Dweck, Greg Walton, Camille Farrington, Mesmin Destin, and Mary Murphy in addition to the executive director of the network, Lisa Quay.

Please give the video a look and share with anyone you know that might be interested. And if you have any feedback, please drop us a note!

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