Student Experience Research Network Virtual Convening
November 17, 2021



Welcome to the SERN 2021 Convening event page!

SERN looks forward to convening this community of scholars and leaders in the education sector. The convening will feature research presentations, discussions, and opportunities to connect and network.

Joining the SERN 2021 Convening

The convening will take place on November 17, 2021 from 11:00am-2:00pm PT / 2:00pm-5:00pm ET via the Zoom Meetings platform. Click here or enter meeting ID# 759 358 3649 in your Zoom desktop client to join the convening; the meeting will open in a new window or in the Zoom app. SERN strongly encourages attendees to join the convening through a video-enabled device (e.g., a laptop or desktop computer rather than an iPad or tablet) to ensure the best attendee experience, including the opportunity to see presenters and view their slides.

Joining the Happy Hour

The virtual happy hour will take place on the Remo platform on Wednesday, November 17 at 2:00pm PT / 5:00pm ET. This platform allows attendees to freely circulate at different tables and connect with colleagues to mirror the in-person experience. Click here to join the happy hour when it is time.

Please see below for additional information and contact with any questions.



11:00am PT

2:00pm ET


Materials: 2021 Convening Participant List, Student Experience Research Network Overview

11:30am PT

2:30pm ET

Featured Talk and Q&A

Speaker: Heather Hough, Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE)

COVID-19, the Educational Equity Crisis, and the Role of Research in Decision-making

Facilitator: Donald Kamentz

12:25pm PT

3:25pm ET


12:35pm PT

3:35pm ET

Lightning Research Presentations


Matt Kraft, Brown University

  • I will describe recent work in which we explore a largely unrecognized pathway through which schools promote human capital development by serving as incubators of informal mentoring relationships between students and school personnel. Using longitudinal data from a large, nationally representative sample of adolescents, we document the frequency, nature, school-level correlates, and consequences of school-based natural mentorships.

Constance Lindsay, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • My current research focuses on effective leadership and equity. I will discuss a cross-institutional collaborative project within that broader body of research, in which we are developing and validating measures of culturally responsive leadership practices. To conduct this work, we partnered with a national leadership development nonprofit and three school districts that feature a range of educational, cultural, and political contexts, and in which educators already have been working to cultivate culturally responsive leadership and schools.

Greg Walton, Stanford University

  • Students in reentry to school from juvenile detention face a severe stigma. I will describe the development of an intervention to sideline biases justice-involved youth face during reentry, by orienting both teachers and students toward positive relationships with each other. In a small initial trial, the relationship-orienting intervention reduced recidivism to juvenile detention from 69% to 29%. Ongoing work seeks to integrate the intervention in existing county and district reentry practices, and to evaluate its effects with a larger sample when this is done.

Francesca López, Pennsylvania State University

  • I will briefly review the recursive nature of political efforts that thwart equity in educational settings before detailing my research on how equity-focused pedagogical approaches promote students’ belonging, autonomy, competence, and motivation. Leveraging messaging research, I will then review evidence on ways to translate research to policymakers and practitioners.

Facilitator: Donald Kamentz

1:25pm PT

4:25pm ET

Small Group Breakout Discussions on Lightning Research Presentations

Facilitators: Donald Kamentz, Shanette Porter, Sean Talamas, and Yoi Tibbetts

1:55pm PT

4:55pm ET

Wrap up and Reflections
2:00pm PT

5:00pm ET

Happy Hour

Join fellow convening attendees for conversation, networking, and community building on the Remo platform


  • Zoom (main meeting space) – Join the meeting via the Zoom app using this link or call in directly using the following details:
    • +1-346-248-7799
    • Meeting ID: 759 358 3649
  • Remo (happy hour platform) – Click here to join the Remo happy hour when it is time.


If you experience any technical difficulties prior to the event or are unable to join the Zoom meeting for any reason, please email During the event, SERN staff member, Chalianna Lopez, will be assigned to provide individualized tech support; look for the participant who is named “Tech Support” and send them a 1:1 chat via Zoom if you are experiencing any issues. Attendees can also text Chalianna at (760) 672-9870.

There will be opportunities to connect and network during the convening through the Zoom chat, ice breakers, small group discussions, and the happy hour. SERN will also create space at the close of the convening as we transition to the happy hour for attendees to share any important announcements (such as job openings, collaboration opportunities, etc.) with the full group via the Zoom chat. By using the Remo platform for happy hour, attendees will be able to circulate between virtual tables and strike up conversations much like you would be able to do during an in-person convening.

Time for Q&A has been built into the featured talk. There will also be a facilitated small group discussion session immediately following the lightning research presentations. SERN will also invite questions and comments via the Zoom chat throughout the event.

Although the Zoom platform allows people to use phone audio alone for calls, SERN strongly encourages all participants to join the convening through a video-enabled device (e.g., a laptop or desktop computer rather than an iPad or tablet) to ensure the best attendee experience, including the opportunity to see presenters and view their slides. For the happy hour on the Remo platform, all attendees will need to join via a computer because the platform does not support mobile users.

The convening audio will be transcribed for internal learning and improvement purposes only. SERN will only be recording video for the Featured Talk and Q&A at the beginning of the event; the video will only be of the presenter and will not include other attendees.

Digital versions of event materials (e.g., participant lists, in-session materials) are linked in the agenda above; SERN will not be mailing hard copies of these event materials to attendees. However, SERN shipped branded notebooks and fidget toys in advance of the event to any attendees who did not opt out of this on the registration form.

Live closed captioning will be enabled via Zoom during the convening; click here to learn how to turn captions on or off. Please contact with any questions about the convening, including with any questions about accessibility.

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