Results: Quay, Lisa
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This research report summarizes results from interviews and focus groups conducted by Student Experience Research Network with teacher preparation stakeholders who are integrating research on the social psychology of motivation into the training of pre-service educators. Across four key areas of insight, the report describes how this research is currently being integrated into programs and identifies challenges and opportunities for more widespread integration.

This research summary provides an overview of an article published in Nature by David Yeager and colleagues about initial results from the National Study of Learning Mindsets (NSLM). The NSLM was designed to understand which kinds of students, in which kinds of classrooms, and in which kinds of schools are most likely to benefit from a short online program designed to foster a growth mindset during the transition to high school. The summary includes key findings and implications for education policy and practice.

This research summary brief provides an overview of a paper by Greg Walton and Tim Wilson, exploring how wise interventions can improve outcomes and implications for policy and practice across a broad range of domains. The brief shares a background on what wise interventions are, how they work, and the ways they can be used to improve outcomes.

This research synthesis provides an overview of how insights from mindset science can inform the design of educational environments in K-12 and postsecondary education. It describes how students' psychological experience of school shapes their motivation to learn and their learning outcomes. The brief distills principles from 40 years of research on mindsets and motivation about how of learning environments can be designed to be inclusive, growth-oriented, and meaningful.

This research brief summarizes the article by Angela Duckworth and David Yeager in Educational Researcher, Measurement Matters: Assessing Personal Qualities Other Than Cognitive Ability for Educational Purposes. Based on the authors’ analysis of the field, this brief offers recommendations for how multiple stakeholders can advance the state of non-cognitive measurement for practical purposes in education.

This Research Summary by the Student Experience Research Network offers a brief summary of what we know about learning mindsets from years of scientific research.