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Educator Preparation and Professional Learning

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Enacting Ethnic Studies Standards Means Supporting Teachers in Learning about Race and Racism

2022, Student Experience Research Network

This policy brief, developed by Audrey Lucero through the SERN Midcareer Fellows Program, discusses the support that educators will need as new ethnic studies standards are implemented in Oregon K-12 schools.

Diversifying the Teacher Workforce to Benefit North Carolina Public Schools

2022, Student Experience Research Network

This policy brief, developed by Elan C. Hope through the SERN Midcareer Fellows Program, describes the need to diversify the North Carolina educator workforce and the opportunity to create pathways into education careers for students who may otherwise leave college without a degree.

Structures for Belonging Professional Learning Materials

2021, Student Experience Research Network

This professional learning presentation provides a high-level overview of the research on belonging-supportive learning environments; includes examples of what belonging-supportive learning environments look like in practice; and connects participants with existing resources for applying insights from the research. The presentation is customizable and is designed to be relevant for a range of audiences in K-12 education in the United States, including teachers, school and district leaders, teacher educators, and intermediary organization staff. The presentation contains up to three hours of presentation and activity time.

Expanding visions of success in mathematics for marginalized students: Building more equitable and inclusive mathematics environments

2020, Student Experience Research Network

This interpretive summary by Nicole Williams brings together insights from 10 early career scholars, two faculty contributors, and a network of senior scholars who served as mentors in the Inclusive Mathematics Environments Early Career Fellowship. Research insights are mapped onto the Building Equitable Learning Environments (BELE) framework and levers for systems change are suggested. The summary identifies new possibilities for defining, recognizing, and eliciting success in mathematics environments.

Training new teachers to understand motivation in the classroom: How teacher preparation programs are educating teachers on the pedagogical implications of the social psychology of motivation

2019, Student Experience Research Network

This research report summarizes results from interviews and focus groups conducted by Student Experience Research Network with teacher preparation stakeholders who are integrating research on the social psychology of motivation into the training of pre-service educators. Across four key areas of insight, the report describes how this research is currently being integrated into programs and identifies challenges and opportunities for more widespread integration.

Teacher practices infographic

2018, Student Experience Research Network

This infographic describes how teachers can create learning environments that can support growth-oriented messages.