Project Title and Abstract

The Formation of Learning Profiles in Context: A Multilevel Latent Profile Analysis of Math Anxiety, Math Achievement, and Math Interest in Adolescents

This project will use the National Study of Learning Mindsets data to examine patterns in the cognitive and affective dimensions of students’ mathematical learning. Using multilevel latent profile analysis (MLPA), the researcher will examine whether there are there distinct profiles, or classes, of students who show similar patterns of performance across measures of math anxiety, math achievement, and math interest. Further, they will assess the extent to which teachers’ levels of math anxiety and beliefs about the nature of math instruction differentially impact the profile membership of their students. Finally, they will examine the extent to which students’ profile memberships predict distal measures, including levels of mathematics self-efficacy and performance on a behavioral task measuring challenge-seeking behavior. This project will inform an emerging body of research on profiles of mathematics learning that include both cognitive and affective dimensions, with a long-term goal of informing intervention designs that effectively target students in different profiles.