Project Title and Abstract

Estimating the Impact of Growth Mindset on High School Course-taking

This proposed project seeks to enrich our understanding of the impact of growth mindset interventions on high school math course-taking and achievement from a nationally representative randomized sample by investigating: (1) to what extent the intervention changed math course-taking patterns and outcomes and whether these changes vary by subgroup, especially for low-income and minority students; (2) whether students who have the largest change in growth mindset show different course-taking patterns and achievement compared with those with smaller changes in growth mindset peers; and (3) how school resources and climates are related to the success of the intervention. We propose quantitative methodologies to estimate causal effects and examine the extent to which the intervention has been successful in closing racial/ethnic and economic gaps in course-taking. As the findings can be generalized to diverse groups, results are expected to provide practical policy implications for schools and teachers.