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Student Experience Research Network (SERN) is pleased to release research snapshots and working papers from the seven projects in our K-12 Teachers and Classrooms Research Portfolio. The portfolio was launched to yield new knowledge about teacher beliefs and practices that foster inclusion and support students’ experience of feeling respected as valued people and thinkers, as well as knowledge about the measurement of such classroom environments. SERN was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for the K-12 Teachers and Classrooms Research Portfolio.

The projects shed light on how curriculum and instruction, classroom discourse, beliefs about discipline, and other structures shape students’ experience of classroom contexts. They also exemplify practically relevant, equity-centered, and interdisciplinary research.

The projects include 11 SERN scholars working alongside 42 external collaborators, including several early career scholars. The majority of research teams include practitioner partners, all projects incorporate multiple disciplinary lenses and methodological approaches, and three research teams partnered directly with school and district stakeholders. In their approaches to measurement, many teams use multiple sources of evidence, center the experiences of minoritized students, or otherwise set a high standard for studying the complexities of student experience.

Research teams prepared brief snapshots of their projects, which are available via the links below.

To learn more about the projects, please find the teams’ working papers on SERN’s Data Archive for Interdisciplinary Research on Learning (DAIRL). The DAIRL working paper series makes insights from SERN-funded projects available in advance of publication in order to share learning with the field on a more rapid timeline and foster discussion and feedback from the field.

Finally, to learn more about experiences of inclusion and marginalization in mathematics and belonging-supportive environments – two topics taken up by many of the projects in this portfolio – check out the findings from our Inclusive Mathematics Environments Early Career Fellowship and our recent research synthesis, Structures for Belonging. SERN is thrilled to be able to build on this work and release findings from these seven projects that provide insights into inclusive classroom environments and practices, as well as new tools and evidence that can support their development.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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