Topic: Growth Mindset

Press release: Results from the National Study of Learning Mindsets

Lisa Quay

Initial results from the National Study of Learning Mindsets – a groundbreaking experimental study in a nationally-representative sample of regular public high schools in the U.S. – were published today in the journal Nature.

New study finds professors’ beliefs about intelligence predict students’ educational outcomes

Jess Hennessey

A university-wide analysis of STEM faculty and students by Mindset Scholar Mary Murphy and colleagues finds links between professors’ mindsets and racial achievement gaps.

Mindsets and the learning environment: What environmental and neurobiological factors predict whether trauma-exposed children adopt a growth mindset?

Chloe Stroman

Andrei Cimpian and Nim Tottenham lead a project examining the neurobiology of growth mindset in young children.

Mindsets and the learning environment: Pairing light-touch learning mindset interventions with a long-term campus initiative

Chloe Stroman

A study by Barbara Schneider, John Yun, and Soobin Kim investigates the impact of two learning mindset interventions and a year-long mentorship program on Michigan State University students’ academic performance.