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Spotlighting examples of research-based change in education

Chloe Stroman

In a new video, researchers DeLeon Gray and Elan Hope speak with Kia Franklin and Sasha Rabkin, who used research to catalyze change and promote equity and inclusion through the organization Equal Opportunity Schools.

Structures for Belonging: A Synthesis of Research on Belonging-Supportive Learning Environments

Chloe Stroman

Our new research synthesis brings together insights from diverse academic disciplines that are relevant to building and sustaining belonging-supportive learning environments. The synthesis will inform the work of a learning collective of nine education organizations.

We’re hiring a Manager, Strategic Outreach & Partnerships

Hanna Campbell

Student Experience Research Network is seeking to fill a newly created position on our team.

Integrating Research on Inclusive Mathematics Environments into Philanthropy, Practice, and Policy

Chloe Stroman

Using examples from our work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Just Equations, this post describes how connections across research, practice, and policy can extend the impact of research.

Visions for Practice-Responsive Research: A Conversation with Mesmin Destin, Simone Ispa-Landa, and Amy Pratt

Chloe Stroman

A recent panel discussion shed light on how the research process can be more responsive to education stakeholders.

Introducing two new resources for studying student learning

Chloe Stroman

Our data archive and compendium of studies are designed to support practice- and policy-relevant research.

Findings from the Inclusive Mathematics Environments Early Career Fellowship

Chloe Stroman

We are excited to share eleven new papers about student experience in mathematics that were authored during the fellowship.